Processing consultation

We offer a variety of services and products from bag filling stations and sterilizers to mixers and substrates, as well as design and installation of clean room facilities to meet your needs.
Most clean rooms and clean spaces are built using IMP panels and installed by professional craftsmen who specialize in installing insulated metal panels.

We have been involved in the biopharmaceutical and food processing industry for over a decade and have assisted many customers in accomplishing their processing goals.

From designing and installing pelletizing systems, to installing clean room ventilation and dust collection. We have extensive knowledge in fruiting room humidification and air purification. With a knowledge of everything processing and integrations in all parts of processing to meet all of your production needs.

We have knowledge in commercial and industrial freeze dry systems as well as dehydration facilities to help preserve your yields.

We custom build pasteurizers, steam sterilizers, stainless grain bins and more. I also custom design processes for your particular needs.

Contact us for estimations or custom design projects.