How to use our All In One bag.

How to use our All In One bag.

Inoculating an all in one bag with liquid culture is a great way to grow mushrooms. To start, you will need an All In One substrate bag, which can be purchased pre-sterilized on our website. You will also need a liquid culture syringe containing your desired mushroom strain.

 Step 1:  Clean work area

First, make sure your work area is clean and sterile. It is best to use a laminar flow hood or work in a glove box, but if these are not available, you can use a clean and sanitized area. 70% isopropyl alcohol works best for this step. Use a generous amount in wiping down all of your work area along with the bags and liquid culture syringes.

 Step 2: 

Shake the liquid culture syringe to distribute the mycelium evenly. Then, wipe the needle of the syringe with an alcohol swab to sterilize it. Locate the injection port on the substrate bag. This is usually a self-healing injection port made of rubber. Sterilize the area around the injection port with an alcohol swab.

 Step 3:

Insert the needle of the liquid culture syringe into the injection port and slowly inject the liquid culture into the substrate bag. Be careful not to inject too much liquid, as this can cause contamination. (1-2cc per pound) Place the substrate bag in a warm and dark place and wait for the mycelium to colonize.

 Step 4:

In about 1-4 weeks, you should see white mycelium growing in the substrate bag. Once the bag is 30%-50% colonized you can break it up and mix it together, once the mycelium fully colonizes the bag it will be ready for fresh air. At this point, it is time to move the bag to a fruiting chamber and begin the fruiting process. Cut the seal on the top of the bag to allow fresh air to reach the substrate. Open the bag and fan the substrate 2 times a day for 60 seconds each time. Mist as needed to maintain a good humid environment. 
You should start seeing pin set in just a few short days. Patience is key in the whole process. 

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