How to use our compost in normal plant growing substrates.

How to use our compost in normal plant growing substrates.

Why is Composted Manure Beneficial for Your Substrate?

Composted manure is a valuable organic material that can greatly enhance the quality of your substrate. It is rich in essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are vital for plant growth. Additionally, it improves soil structure, promotes water retention, and enhances microbial activity in the substrate.

Step-by-Step instructions to Incorporating Composted Manure

Follow these simple steps to effectively incorporate composted manure into your substrate:

1. Choose the Right Type of Composted Manure

There are various types of composted manure available, such as cow, horse, chicken, and sheep manure. Each type has its own nutrient composition, so choose the one that best suits your plants' needs.

2. Determine the Appropriate Ratio

It is important to find the right balance when mixing composted manure with your substrate. A general guideline is to use a ratio of 1 part composted manure to 3 parts substrate. However, this ratio may vary depending on the specific requirements of your plants.

3. Prepare the Substrate

Before incorporating the composted manure, ensure that your substrate is well-prepared. Remove any weeds, rocks, or debris, and break up any clumps to create a loose and aerated texture.

4. Mix the Composted Manure

Add the composted manure to the substrate and mix thoroughly. Make sure the manure is evenly distributed throughout the substrate to ensure uniform nutrient availability.

5. Water the Substrate

After mixing the composted manure, water the substrate thoroughly to promote the activation of beneficial microorganisms and to ensure proper moisture distribution.

6. Allow for Proper Decomposition

Give the substrate some time to allow the composted manure to decompose and release its nutrients. This process usually takes a few weeks, so be patient and monitor the moisture levels regularly.

7. Test and Adjust

Periodically test the nutrient levels of your substrate to ensure it meets the requirements of your plants. Adjust the ratio of composted manure if necessary to maintain optimal nutrient balance.

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